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A Romanian teacher in our

A Romanian teacher in our
After interviewing the Romanian teacher, Claudia Elena, we can say the following
about her:
On the frst of October, a Romanian teacher came to our English class. Her name is
Claudia Elena and her surname is Cocan. She is twenty-six years old and her birthday is on
the frst of September. She is nice and pretty, but she's not married yet. She is studying
to be a lawyer, but she also likes to teach . She has got one brother and one sister and
she was born in Romania.
Romania's capital is Bucharest.
She likes travelling, and has already visited many countries.
She prefers Italian food because it's easy to cook. Her favourite portuguese dish
is roasted chicken with rice and salad.
Her favourite colours are black, white and red.
She likes living in small towns.
Let's help Claudia to learn portuguese!!
Class 6º A
(Texto enviado pela turma A do 6º ano e pela professora Ana Abelenda)

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